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The first multi-stage centrifugal negative pressure vacuum fan of our company was officially put into operation in Hengan Group

The use of the rotor is very important when using a Roots blower. The rotor has great advantages in reducing vibration and preventing noise. It can be seen that the rotor plays a more important role in the operation of roots blower, so the quality of the rotor also needs to be paid attention to. Let us talk about the choice of rotor for roots blower.

1. When the fan inlet and outlet direction and the position of the main shaft remain unchanged, the rotor pressure Angle clearance should be adjusted at a horizontal Angle of 45 degrees.

2. The rotor of qualified Roots blower should not have trachoma, stomata and other defects.

3. The vertical tolerance between the rotor and shaft of roots blower cannot be greater than 0.05 mm.

4. During the selection process, the dynamic and static balance of the rotors of the Roots fan should be checked.

5. When assembling the rotor of Roots blower, the parallel deviation between the two end faces and the wall plate shall be no more than 0.05mm, and the parallel deviation shall be no more than 0.02mm.

6. In addition, the clearance between the rotors of different Roots blowers is also different.